Cerberus Anime Review with Sexiest Pics

Cerberus is the third Demon experienced in Helltaker, and in spite of the fact that Cerberus has three bodies, there is just a single soul living inside and controlling each of them three. They are alluded to as “The Triple Demon.”


Cerberus Hentai, as the majority of the Helltaker cast, is portrayed as a short evil presence young lady with fair skin, red irises, a dark bolt tipped tail, and brilliant white hair; notwithstanding, for her situation, she is addressed as 3 young ladies as opposed to 1, albeit these attributes actually apply to every one of the three. Since each of the three are indistinguishable, any descriptors applied to one of the young ladies apply to every one of them. While not having horns like the remainder of the evil presences, they rather have white canine ears that rise out of under their hair on the highest point of their heads; They likewise all have canine teeth, as confirmed by the little teeth present in their mouths in their inactive sprite. Their eyes are enormous, adjusted, and wide, summoning an eager articulation. They have separated edges and their hair extends right down their back, where toward the end it is tied through hairpin into a short “tail”.

Cerberus wears more perfectly sized clothing, wearing red shirt long-sleeve shirts under dark striped suit vests, and dark thin fit suit pants. They wear dark sleeves over their red shirts just beneath the shoulder, just as dark gloves and a dark ties tucked under their vests. Their tails appear to rise up out of under their vests and over their jeans.


Cerberus Hentai, upon first gathering in the Underworld, is one of the more edgy devils with a “giddy” demeanor, as proven by their quite often grinning sprites and their eager exchange. Cerberus, while from the outset appearing to be generally guiltless contrasted with the remainder of the evil spirit young ladies that join the Helltaker’s gathering, they rush to uncover a more vile or savage side of themselves, yet while holding their charming, apparently innocuous appearance. When joining the gathering, the trios all express their energy to at last have the option to “degenerate the human domain.”; simultaneously, they likewise surmise that they have no delay in tearing the Helltaker into pieces in the event that he poses inquiries about carrying them to the typical world.


At the point when the Helltaker first experiences Cerberus Hentai toward the finish of Level 3, the trios express their amazement at the presence of a “genuine human” in Hell, and request that the player take them with. The player is given two choices to react with:

“Arrangement, no inquiries posed.”

“This is getting excessively simple. I have questions.”

In the event that the player picks the main alternative, the trios celebrate, eyes extended. They shout that it is at last an ideal opportunity to ruin the human domain. Cerberus joins the gathering and the player gets a “Triumph” fast, progressing on to Level 4.

On the off chance that the player picks the subsequent choice, Cerberus wonderfully clarifies that, despite the fact that they need a human to cross the Hell’s Gate (for unknown reasons), they needn’t bother with you to be in one piece. The player is given a “Awful End” screen, which says “They bounced you like crazy canines. Canine sounds included. The charm, all things considered, gave you a coronary failure.”

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