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Nessa is a Gym Leader and a client of Water-type Pokémon.Nessa is a character from Pokemon Sword and Shield. She is voiced by Anairis Quinones in Pokemon Twilight Wings. Nessa is a Gym Leader of the Galar Region gaining practical experience in water types. She gives a water identification to the individuals who rout her in the Gym Challenge. Her arena is the Hulbury Stadium and her uniform number is 049. She’s likewise a model and an old buddy of Sonia


Nessa is a tall, slim individual of color with long blue and dark striped hair and blue eyes. She wears a rec center uniform comprising of a white tank top and shorts with blue and orange subtleties just as a number 049 on it. For extras, she wears loop hoops, two armlets, a Dynamax Band and a blue single glove on her hand. She likewise wears a gut chain and white and blue shoes with floats on them.


Under her apparently made outside through her quiet tone when she speaks, Nessa really disguises a consuming heart on doing combating with gigantic intensity and unyielding self control. As her sort inclination recommends, she is a planner that depends on amazing Water types to smother and ultimately overpower adversaries’ Pokémon.


Her dad is a fisher, and her mom works in the commercial center. Maybe due to her folks, she grew up playing with Water-type Pokémon and in the end made it right to being a Gym Leader. She met Sonia during their Gym Challenge, and they keep on being dear companions. Nessa frequently gives Sonia new fish from Hulbury. She has pronounced that Milo of Turffield is her opponent, yet Milo reacted by saying that his adversary is himself.

Nessa Hentai is extraordinarily famous, both as a Gym Leader and as a model. Numerous individuals even think the Gym Leader Nessa and the model Nessa are two distinct individuals, since she shows a totally unique disposition in every job. She had the adversity of being crushed in the primary match of the Finals, and the individuals who knew about her unstoppable nature stressed that this would affect her work as a model. Notwithstanding her misfortune, she was as yet ready to give her fans an ideal grin. Things were not close to as quiet with her Gym, be that as it may. Ness is an individual from the Order of the Storm.

She was first seen having Drednaw extinguished the flames in Alderney City set by attacking Fire Nation powers, just as helping nearby police in emptying the regular folks from the space. Nessa meets the saints at an inn after they train Kira on being a decent Pokemon Trainer, and acknowledges Kira’s demand. She was subsequently found to be the Guardian of Water, one of the numerous natural defenders of the Multi-Universe.

Pokémon Adventures

Nessa Hentai appeared in PASS03. She, alongside different other Gym Leaders, was first seen responding to the news that Leon had supported two Trainers for the Gym Challenge. Afterward, Nessa confronted Sōdo in a Gym fight at Hulbury Stadium and lost. She later combat Shirudomiria too, however the wounds her Pokémon supported in the fight with Sōdo prompted Nessa losing a subsequent time, causing her a deep sense of dissatisfaction. After Shirudomiria and Hop finished the initial three Galar Gyms, Nessa, Milo, and Kabu by and by saluted the two for their achievement.

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